Announcing Kyle Emile on Glappitnova’s Global Committee

Kyle Emile is a conglomerate of many different things and has been involved in the Glappitnova community for sometime provoking audience members and participants to interact. He understands the importance and impact of conversations and conversations can spark. 

Kyle is the founder of Free Intelligent Conversation, which is a movement dedicated to creating meaningful face-to-face conversations between strangers and breaking social barriers. We are super excited to have him on Glappitnova’s global committee to help spark more on-site engagement. 


In July, there will be a series of experiences in different cities that bring different types extraordinary, on the rise, and people that want to better themselves together in ways that feel real. Some say the celebration like a down to earth block party with un-filtered talks, wow performances, and plenty of funk but inside one hip space.

Previous Glappitnova participants consist of Crystal Lee (1st runner-up Miss America), Luvvie Ajayi (New York Times best-selling author), Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes (Activist & CNN Hero), Harper Reed (Director of Software Development for PayPal), Andy Herren (CBS’ Big Brother Winner), Nicole Suarez (Emmy Winning TV Personality) and +200 entrepreneurs, artists and millennial leaders spanning a variety of industries.

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