Rahkii Ft Joshua Griffin Explains What Beautiful Means

Words have meaning. Rahkii explained the meaning behind her song Beautiful ft Joshua Griffin and how your inner beauty portrays your outer beauty. We’re pretty well versed in the different scenes in Chicago and reached out to Joshua to help bring the different communities together. He said Glappitnova sounded cool and something Chicago needs. The rest was history.


Rahkii is an emerging artist who wholeheartedly believes that she can affect lives in a positive way with her music and has worked as a background vocalist for artists such as R.Kelly, Eryn Allen Kane, Patti Labelle, Jenifer Hudson and more. At the age of twenty-three, Rahkii has already begun to make an impact on Chicago as a music artist.Rahkii emerged onto the urban music scene by way of her education at Columbia College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Music Theater. Taking inspiration from the diversity of the local music culture, she supports the “no genre” movement. Rahkii has performed at popular venues such as the House of Blues, Reggie’s Rock Club, The Metro, and Columbia’s Manifest. She has worked alongside artist such as OBY, Walking on Water and Pocket Radio. What really caught our attention is her version of Random Black Girl showcasing her awesome personality. 

Joshua Griffin

Joshua Griffin has shared the stage with blues legend Buddy Guy as well as performed, toured and traveled internationally with artists and bands such as Sam Trump, Keelan Jones, Sidewalk Chalk, and Guy King. Growing up in a household saturated with Gospel music and Smooth Jazz, from the time he was born Joshua Griffin was fascinated with music. By the time Joshua was six years old, his parents fearfully bought him his first bass guitar. At age thirteen, he began to practice music professionally taking local gigs, studio sessions, and live recordings for various other recording artists. After graduating at Warren Township High school, he went on to pursue his Bachelors of Music degree at Columbia College Chicago. At age twenty-one, Joshua has written and produced music for various artists and filmmakers. 

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