The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship Panel Moderated by Mike McGee Is Set

From the CEO of McDonald’s Global Ad Agency to entrepreneurship while parenting, this panel is going to talk about issues that get swept under the rug. This particular panel will occur in one of the five lofted rooms on July 13th discussing what does the dark side actually mean. The glitz and glam of entrepreneurship seem to overshadow the real struggles and sometimes small incidents can have a big impact on your business and life. How do you deal with the pressure and keep moving forward? This informal panel conversation from diverse perspectives will surround issues entrepreneurs face on a daily basis whether that’s being an being a minority, a parent, leaving a career, investor issues, bumps on the way, or even starting new ventures. There will be a total of 5 panels occurring with over 30 storytellers and on-site mentorship. This will all be accessible for attendees and expect a sell out crowd so get your tickets now.

Moderator: Mike McGee, Program Director, CodeNow
Panelist: Philip Trados: CEO, Doejo
Panelist: Kim Moldofsky, CEO, The Maker Mom
Panelist: Micae Brown, Founder, Micae Brown Sales Agency
Panelist: Brian Nienhaus, CEO, We Are Unlimted

Those were a few of our +40 Chicago participants spanning different industries. Glappitnova is known for shops talks with panels and performances, but we’re adding on-site mentorship to help you get on your way as well. Check out some of our participants for Glappitnova Chicago that will be held July 13th and July 14th. Your ticket gets you into all of the rooms with various activities and activities range from storytelling, panel discussions, live performances, on-site mentorship, the party, and more. You can check out our programming here.

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