Chicago Students Direct Jamila Wood’s Ft Chance The Rapper Video

VAM studios is at it again with an awesome collaboration involving Chicago Public School students, Jamila Woods, and Chance The Rapper. The official video and documentary can be viewed below. 

Vincent Martell founder of VAM spoke at Glappitnova in 2016 on the importance of the underground art scene, segregation within the Chicago community, and visibility of people of color and minorities. Bringing along inclusiveness, minorities, and people of color, the VAM team produced the new song LSD by Jamila Woods Ft. Chance The Rapper which is written and directed by Chicago Public School students. 

Not only is this great for Chicago giving students access to work experience, it’s even more important developing a talented community for the future generation. Check out this awesome interview going into more details on the video, and VAM’s talented producer Samantha Bailey with her awesome You’re So Talented series.  




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