Announcing Neal Sales-Griffin, CEO of CodeNow on Committee

Neal Sales-Griffin is the CEO of CodeNow, was a recent participant at Glappitnova and we are super excited to have him on the global committee. Neal is all about solving meaningful problems and making people happy, especially when it involves Chicago.

Neal was one of the first millennial entrepreneurs helping to provide people with access to technology through Chicago’s first coding school known as The Starter League. The Starter League taught tons of people how to code and was sold to Full Stack Academy in 2016. 

Neal is now CEO of CodeNow along with his previous co-founder Mike McGee of The Starter League. CodeNow teaches kids technology skills to make apps, do well in college and get internships. We are super excited to have Neal on our global committee along with other talented millennial professionals spanning all industries in different cities helping to build a more inclusive world.










Content Team at Glappitnova
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