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It's not everyone, but we are geared toward people that are willing to explore different perspectives in ways that feel real. We've seen marriage proposals, people crying, tons of comedy, career changes, new connections, and job creation happen. This lets us know we're doing something right.








We are the discovery of millennial culture. Become a sponsor and get your business aligned with on the rise and influential millennial multidisciplinary professionals spanning all industries in different cities. We're culture conscience, knowledge seekers, local celebrities, resourceful shares, and more.







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Scattered in cities around the world for multiple days at the same time, millennial heavy professionals from different backgrounds, industries, perspectives, social class, and lifestyles collide once a year. Too often you're in the room with the same type of people and this is different. Blending storytelling, performances, panels, mentorships, and special events get you outside of your bubble. It's our social solution to global inclusion while exposing people to what else is out there in the world while having a great time. 






Everyone said no except a few individuals in February of 2013. From that two hour showcase with 17 peers sharing their story in Chicago and five showcases later, a global movement with over +200 previous participants around the world started to form. Here are some of our most recent participants from that eclectic first runner-up to Miss America which the first time in history two minorities competed for the crown, that hip CNN Hero in Guatemala City empowering the youth from gang violence, and even that woke New York Times bestselling author from Chicago empowering you to use your voice. We're stepping it up and scraping to stay alive getting more cities involved, so don't always expect fancy. Expect real and sometimes underground.







This is new and we're taking Glappitnova on the road bringing more people together throughout the year with awesome organizations, brands, and companies. 






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Some of our peers within the Glappitnova community has taken some time out of their busy schedules to help expand the movement. Here are a few of them for the 2017 year.