Glappitnova is discovery of millennial culture through live events and digital media building a more inclusive world. We believe in the collective intelligence of uniting different types people that traditionally aren’t in the same room and it’s our duty to showcase, curate, highlight, and connect it to the world inspiring, educating, and entertaining others. It’s our approach to global inclusion. Our annual celebration is a physical example of that with events and experiences occurring in multiple cities at the same time blending entertainment, perspectives, and learning. It’s one of those social things you have to experience for yourself getting you outside of your bubble while having a great down to earth time. Three words that describe Glappitnova are eclectic, untraditional, and intersection. You can interpret that anyway you want and make sure to come as you are because everyone is different. 




We are adding a tour, more programming throughout the year, building hubs around the world and partnering with more organizations and companies that dig our style. Check out some more opportunities and contact us to get involved.