The Name

The name Glappitnova is a combination of supernova and the name of the company Glappit. Back in 2011, companies with the letter G in Chicago like GrubHub and Groupon we’re doing well so Nick decided to stick with the letter G.

The goal was to bring people together based on how they shared information online through some sort of informational grouping system to help provide access for others. After writing hundreds of names down, the video game PacMan popped into Nick’s mind because of the noise PacMan made which sounded like “Glap – it, Glap – it.” The metaphor of the PacMan devouring marbles to survive another day played well since the goal of Glappit was to provide access to others to grow every day. So the company was called Glappit.

After getting the online grouping system to work there was something lacking, so he started to conduct a physical approach in 2013, but with an explosion of conversations and craziness, like a supernova. Glappitnova was born.

What is Glappitnova?

Glappitnova is an eclectic community and global celebration focused on bringing different types of people together through various hip programming and content curation.

What happens during Glappitnova?

There is a combination of intimate performances, unfiltered storytelling, provocative panels, art installations, dope parties, and a different approach to networking with a diverse audience scattered within a city. Our participants have 10 minutes to wow the audience and the audience has no idea what they will do. Our panelists have 50 minutes on stage with a diverse group of people that aren’t afraid to use their voice. All events are 21 and older event normally attracting the 25 yr- 34-year-old audience.

Why subscribe to Glappitnova?

We share our hidden events and activities through our newsletter, discounted admission, and access to stuff that’s relevant to our audience.


The highly curated lineup is subject to change and they range from all industries and backgrounds. Some participants are surprise guests as well and we find more here.

What is your refund policy?

All tickets are non-refundable.

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

No, tickets will only be sold online and will be unavailable at the door for paid events. For free events, admission will be on at-capacity basics. For other events part of the celebration check the event description.

What is the dress code?

There will be a wide variety of fashionable, corporate, and everyday people. So express yourself with your own style.

How do I get my company, community, or organization involved?

You can email


Glappitnova reserves the right to cancel, delay, or alter any events as described. There may be last-minute changes to the lineup that we cannot control, and there will be photography and filming at a majority of the events.